How we manage your personal information

Why we collect your information
Unless otherwise stated in an agreement with CPAWSB, the personal information you provide to us via the Contractor Portal is used to communicate with you about your contractor roles, including current, prior, or those you might apply for in the future. We use your information to process applications, contact you about contract offers, to assist in contractor payments, and to carry out other actions which facilitate your contract work with us. You can view the School’s privacy policies at

How long do we keep your information?
Contractor roles are removed after two years of inactivity
If you don't accept a contract for over two years for a specific role, that role will be removed from your profile. You will need to retrain to become eligible to accept contracts for that role after it’s been removed.

Personal information is removed after two years of inactivity
If you don’t login to your Contractor Portal profile for over two years, your profile will be de-activated and your information will be removed from our system. This will include all personal information related to your contractor profile, such as emails, contract records, performance management reports, and more.

How to maintain an active profile
The minimum requirement to maintain an active contractor profile with CPAWSB is to log in to you Contractor Portal profile. Even if you're not actively contracting with us, we encourage you to login periodically to keep your account active and your information up to date.

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